Oxford OR76AR007XS

Southern Late Sunshine Lettering 3520 Dcc Sound

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Prototype Era
Era 3 (1923 to 1947) The Big Four (LNER, LMS, GWR and SR)

Manufacturer description

Loco No. SR No: 3520 (ex LSWR 520 / later BR 30584) Details Built 1885 by Dubs & Co  works plates on splashers Frame - Pattern 3 Boiler - Drummond Pipework - Drummond Dome - Drummond Chimney - Drummond Slide Bars - Double Trailing wheels - 42 in. oval 10 spoke Bogie wheels - 36 in. oval 9 spoke Coal Rails - Closed Smokebox - Smooth Smokebox - Lampholders outer Smokebox Door - Domed Roof - Steel Side Tanks - No vertical handrail at front end Livery: Southern Railway Unlined Passenger Black (1937-1948) With Sunshine Lettering. Technical Specification:* Smooth Running 5 Pole motor* Pick ups on all drive wheels and rear wheel set* High definition livery specification* Separately fitted detail components* Motor Gearing to reflect scale speed operation* Highly detailed cab interior* NEM Couplings* DCC Sound Fitted The Adams Radial is

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Oxford Rail
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Model details

DCC status
DCC Fitted
SR black

Prototype information

Locomotive class*
Class 415 Adams Radial LSWR
Wheel arrangement

* Class names often change over the lifespan of a locomotive, so this is not necessarily the class name used by the operator in the period modelled.

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