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Product data is, as far as possible, taken from the official catalogue data published by the manufacturer. Some additional detail is added manually.

YouTube videos are obtained by the YouTube API and used according to the terms of the API. YouTube videos and their associated meta-data are copyright of the video publisher.

Event listings are from four main sources:

Note: Events aren't listed here just because they appear on other listings websites. We do keep an eye on other modelling websites, and if an event is listed there that we don't yet have details for then we will try to track down a primary source for it and add the event if possible. But a single, unverified listing on another secondary website is not sufficiently reliable information.

Further Covid-related note: Until we can be reasonably certain that all lockdown restrictions are over and the exhibition world is back to normal, we are being even stricter with verification than normal and will only include listings for shows that have an up to date website of their own. Shows where the only available publicity is offline or secondary will not be included, as potential visitors need to have somewhere they can check whether a show is still on or not before travelling to it.

Model Railway Shop listings are, mostly, taken from the official stockist lists of the main manufacturers of UK model railway products. These are, as far as possible, verified against independent retailer databases including Open Streetmap, Yell and Google. Some shops are added manually if they are known to exist but don't appear in any manufacturer stockist list.

Copyright of external data reproduced on this site

Product images and catalogue descriptions are the copyright of their respective manufacturers and are used in accordance with implied licence terms for publicising products made available for sale.

Additional factual product data ("product tags") is public domain. does not assert database right in the compilation of this information.

Factual event details (date, time, price, etc) are public domain. Additional event descriptive text, where applicable, is the copyright of either the event organiser or, depending on source. does not assert database right in the compilation of this information.

Video content hosted at YouTube is the copyright of the video producer and used under the licence by which it was made available at YouTube.

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