Event Types and Information

Model railway events listed on this site are categorised as one of six types:

Venue and show icons

The event listings use these icons as a shortcut for some common features.

Free parking on site The venue has free parking on site or immediately adjacent. Please note that for small exhibitions in community venues (eg, church and village halls), this may mean on-street parking.

Chargeable parking on site The venue has paid-for parking on site or immediately adjacent.

Fully accessible venue The venue is acessible to those with disabilities.

Railway station within comfortable walking distance The venue is within comfortable walking distance of the nearest railway station.

Tram/metro/underground station within comfortable walking distance The venue is close to a tram, metro or London Underground station.

Venue is reachable by regular scheduled bus service The venue is served by a regular scheduled bus service. (Not a dedicated shuttle bus, that has its own icon, below).

Popular event Popular event, as calculated by listing and website views.

Refreshments available Refreshments are available at the event.

Modelling demonstrations The event features demonstrations of modelling techniques and skills.

Club sales/information stand There is a club sales/information stand at the event.

Children's activities There are activities specifically designed for children at the event.

Shuttle bus to nearby town centre/railway station The event organisers are running a shuttle bus between the venue and the nearest town centre and/or railway station.

Other attractions on site There are other, non model railway attractions on site. This is often found at embedded events, as above.

Please note that all of this additional information is subject to change and may not necessarily be accurate. As far as possible, we take this from the event's own publicity, but in some cases it may be inferred from external knowledge of the venue, personal experience of the show or information posted on discussion forums. We would always advise you to check with the organiser's own website before making a decision on whether to attend an event.

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