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Section 1 - Event Details

If your event is advertised using a specific name, eg "TrainEx" or "National Odd Gauge Show", then put that here. Otherwise, please use a simple, descriptive name, like "Smallville Model Railway Exhibition". Please don't just write "Annual Exhibition" or similar as that's meaningless without the name of the town. Please don't include the organiser name here as that goes in the next box.

The name of the club or other organiser that is putting on the show.

Dates in ISO format (yyyy-mm-dd), please. We'll convert that into nicely formatted dates for the website. Leave the end date blank for single day events.

Please use the 12 hour clock, eg "Saturday 10am to 5pm, Sunday 10am to 4.30pm", or "11am to 5pm both days".

Enter one price per line. At the very least, please include prices for both adults and children. If you also have discounted prices for OAPs or other concessions, or group prices for families, then please include those as well. If any price is free then write FREE - don't leave it blank. If there are different prices for advance tickets and on the door (or different prices for members and non-members), you can include that information here as well.

Use this if your event is held within another location - for example, a model railway exhibition within a museum where you have to pay to enter the museum in order to visit the exhibition. Don't use it if you can access your event without needing to pay for the main venue as well.

You don't need to be precise. We don't currently display the actual number expected as we are aware that this can change in between the event being first advertised and the actual date - this is just to help us categorise your event.

Tick all that apply

A paragraph or two of anything else you want to tell us about your event.

This must be a website operated and maintained by the event organiser, not a social media page or your event's listing on someone else's website. Please link directly to the event page if there is one, otherwise link to the index page of the website. Please include the full URL including the 'http' or 'https' prefix.

If your organisation or event has any other information on the web, then you can enter the URLs here, one per line. Examples include Facebook pages, Flickr albums, event topics on RMweb, etc.

If your organisation or event has a logo, and if you have a show poster, you can upload them here. You don't need to have both of them, just one is fine (or none, if you don't have either). The logo will be used to illustrate the event listings and also appear on the event page. The poster will be on the event page. The upload system will automatically generate thumbnail images for the logo and poster.

Section 2 - Event Venue

Please enter the venue address on multiple lines rather than comma separated, and put the postcode in the postcode field not the street address. This makes it easier to automatically generate location data.

Please zoom in to your venue on the map and then click/tap the map to set a marker on top of it.

Use two fingers to pan or zoom the map

If you can position the marker so that it is precisely on top of your venue, then please do! This will make it easier for us to ensure that we show the right location on a map. Otherwise, we will attempt to infer the coordinates from the venue name and address.

For small venues (eg, your clubroom, or a church hall) you can tick "free parking" if the venue is on a street with unrestricted on-street parking. Please don't use this for larger venues or where there is no on-street parking in the same street as the venue.

Don't tick the "easily reachable" boxes unless the venue itself is close to a rail, tram/tube or bus stop with frequent scheduled services. If you are providing a dedicated event shuttle service to a nearby town centre or railway station, that goes in the event information, above.

Section 3 - Your Contact Details

This information will not be published. It's just so that we can contact you if necessary about anything you have submitted, and also so that we can verify who you are if you later want to change the information you have submitted. is a Good Stuff website.