Oxford OR76WW002

Warwell A Diamond Bogies BR Brown DM360331

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Prototype Era
Era 4 (1948 to 1956) British Railways Early Crest

Manufacturer description

Introduced in 1942 for the transport of Sherman tanks, the 50T bogie Warwell wagon continued to see service after the end of the Second World War. British Railways obtained many of the wagons as they were most suited for the transportation of loads unsuitable for flat wagons.

Recoded 'Weltrol' - this wagon would have moved these large loads around the rail network.

Dimensions and Weights

Packed: 36.5cm x 5.1cm x 9.9cm ( L x W x H )

Unpacked: 20.5cm x 3.3cm x 1.9cm ( L x W x H )

Catalogue listing

Oxford Rail
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Model details

BR bauxite
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