Oxford OR76TKB003

Class B Tank Regent Class B Revised Suspension 441

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Prototype Eras
Era 5 (1957 to 1966) British Railways Late Crest
Era 6 (1967 to 1972) British Rail Blue (Pre-TOPS)

Manufacturer description

The 1955 British Railways modernisation plan recognised the fact that the UK rail system required a new high capacity tanker wagon to cater for the growing demand
of petroleum products. Working with the Charles Roberts Railway Wagon Works and the Esso Petrol company a modern design capable of higher speeds was developed.

Subsequently a large number of users operated the same vehicles - with their use lasting into the 1990's on commercial traffic and longer in engineers use.

Our model will feature the Class A, and shorter Class B tanks . Class B tanks featuring a heater unit for heavier oils. Both original and upgraded suspension styles will be offered.

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Oxford Rail
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