Hornby R30069

GBRf Class 66, Captain Tom Moore – A True British Inspiration

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Prototype Era
Era 11 (2016 to 2020) Current Era

Product Code:
DCC Ready (8-pin socket)
Diesel locomotives
Release Date:
Summer 2020


We have fully sold out of the planned production run of this model.

However we are aware that some people will cancel their order before we dispatch them.

Therefore we are operating a waiting list. We will accept a small number of 'waiting list pre-orders'.

If you place an order now, you will reserve your place in the waiting list queue - we will only supply a model to you and charge your card if enough people ahead of you cancel their orders.

Your card will NOT be charged unless we are able to ship the model to you and you will only be charged at that time.

(Please Note: Unfortunately, we will not be able to advise you in advance of a successful move from waiting list to confirmed order.)


Hornby are proudly producing a unique limited edition model and an opportunity to say thank you to Col. Tom Moore and our brave NHS doctors, nurses and support staff.

Like others, we at Hornby have been inspired by the achievements of the amazing Captain, now Colonel Tom Moore and we were so pleased that GB Railfreight, Porterbrook, Procast Foundry Ltd and Neil Booth of Railwayana Auctions teamed up to create a special livery on one of GB Railfeight’s Class 66 locomotives.

As a special thank you to not only Col. Tom Moore and the NHS, but also to GB Railfreight, Hornby are proud to announce the launch of a limited edition model of locomotive 66 731, ‘Capt. Tom Moore – A True British Inspiration’.

When we first launched this model we had initially planned to produce just 500 which quickly leapt to 1000 and by the end of the evening that had risen to 1500. The next morning it was obvious that we needed to increase the number to 2000 but even this quantity was not enough and the quantity rose to 2500, however the demand continued and we are now at 3000, which may well grow.

As a company we have been astounded by the kindness and generosity of those who have ordered the model, especially as we had originally stated it as a Limited Edition of 500. It is clear now that the model will still be a limited edition but limited to the demand and kindness shown by those purchasing the model and therefore contributing to the NHS.

Finally, whatever the final number is all at Hornby would like to extend our sheer thanks and gratitude for your support.  We know some of you struggled to place your order and we would like to apologise and thank you for your patience. As a company we have never experienced a reaction that the launch of this model created, which only goes to show how passionate we all feel about the dedication and in some cases the ultimate sacrifice that all those that make up our NHS continue to illustrate. We thank you.


Only 3500 of these limited edition models are to be produced and sold exclusively via the Hornby website. 

The sale of these models will result in £140,000 being donated to the NHS.

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