Hornby R3571

BR, Class 50, Co-Co, D400 - Era 6 - Special Edition

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DCC Ready
BR, Rail Blue
Diesel locomotives


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Class 50 entering service, this Special Edition pack recreates English Electric Type 4, D400 in a British Railways Blue liver, typical for a West Coast Main Line service in late 1967.

Construction of the Class 50 locomotive fleet, which was built by the English Electric Company and, unusually for the time, leased to British Rail, took place at the Vulcan Foundry at Newton-le-Willows between February 1966 and October 1967. Employed by British Railways on the West Coast Main Line to haul trains north from Crewe to Glasgow and Edinburgh, frequent double heading made the most of their 100mph capability to improve journey times. Classified as English Electric Type 4, the completed locomotives were given the running numbers of D400 to D449, the “D” prefix being dropped following the end of steam traction.

At the completion of electrification in 1972, the Class 50 locomotives were gradually transferred to the Western Region for use on the Paddington (London) to Bristol and South West routes.

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