Heljan 89121

Operating Turntable (DCC Ready)

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Operating 21.5m (OO Gauge)/27.4m (HO Gauge) Turntable (Ready for installation) DCC Ready DETAILS

Turntables form an integral part of any railway network, especially in steam and diesel eras. This turntable measures over 30cm which is big enough to fit a Class 50 on with room to spare. It features stunning detail and authentic weathering to both the well and bridge. It also has a separate control box to power the bridge.

This superb OO gauge electronically operated, DCC compatible turntable features a detailed deck, weathered one-piece pit and motorised drive gear. Locomotives up to 320mm (12in) long can be accommodated and the programmable indexing system allows up to 58 track positions. Can be used with analogue control or DCC systems without requiring a separate decoder.

This turntable requires a baseboard hole of 350mm with 57mm clearance below the pit.


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August 2023

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DCC Ready

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