Bachmann 32-725WDS

Class 66 Diesel Locomotive number 66 062

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Prototype Eras
Era 9 (1995 to 2004) Initial Privatisation
Era 10 (2005 to 2015) Rebuilding of the Railways
Era 11 (2016 to 2023) Current Era

Manufacturer description

32-725WDS Bachmann Class 66 Diesel Locomotive number 66 062 in Euro Cargo Rail livery. 

This model features all-wheel drive, directional LED lights, cab lights, sprung buffers and a wealth of fine detail. Close attention has been paid to the plethora of authentic small decoration on the body and cabside. Period of operation is current.

Euro Cargo Rail was founded by EWS to operate open access freight trains in France. Now part of DB Schenker, the company employs up to 60 modified EWS Class 66/0s outside the UK, although the locomotives return as required for maintenance and to bolster the DBS British fleet at busy periods. ECR branded Class 66s have become a common sight, and can be identified by the various additional markings and data panels required to run on the French network. Bachmann has modified the front skirt tooling to incorporate the characteristic snowploughs – a feature exclusive to this limited edition model. Euro Cargo Rail branding is produced under licence from DB Schenker.

Limited edition of 250, these models produced exclusively for Model Rail by Bachmann.

Fitted with DCC Digital Sound

Catalogue listing

Product Code:
Limited edition model for
Model Rail Magazine

Model details

DCC status
DCC Sound Fitted
Maroon & Yellow
Minimum radius curve
2nd Radius (438mm)
Running number
Directional lighting

Prototype information

Locomotive class*
British Rail Class 66
English, Welsh & Scottish Railway
Motive power
Max speed
65 mph / 75 mph
Total produced

* Class names often change over the lifespan of a locomotive, so this is not necessarily the class name used by the operator in the period modelled.

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