Model Railway Videos by Budget Model Railways

A model railway channel for those interested in making model railways ( or railroads for our American friends) on a limited budget. This will cover both buildings, scenery, rolling stock and locos. It will have a sub plot on making freelance layouts. Basically I'm interested in making model railways or a lot less and using simpler methods. Ive also realised that many people are put off making their own layout because of cost, time and space problems and I hope to show how to overcome all of these. It wont be about really fine scale modelling but about getting something acceptable to run your loco collection on. Please do comment as I don't know if I am the only one who does not want to spend thousands of pounds and take ten years to build a layout, judging by the model railway press in the UK I reckon no one else is interested in my approach?! We will upload every Weekend! Mike & Douglas is a Good Stuff website.