PECO N - NEW! - BR Vanfit box vans now available.


Published on Monday 1 April 2024 by PECO TV

Hot on the heals of our recently-released 16 ton mineral and iron ore tippler wagons, we are now happy to announce the release of our brand new ex-BR Vanfit box vans. These versatile wagons were used by BR for a wide range of uses, carrying general merchandise and payloads of all types. They were the "container" of choice prior to the move to more efficient intermodal solutions for the transportation of goods. Our first releases offer two types: plywood sides and planked sides and are offered in the standard bauxite livery. Like our previous new models these feature finely-detailed moulding, crisp and clear printing, detachable couplers held in their own pickets and metal-tyred wheels for free-running. Other liveries are planned to look out for these models at your retailer. On sale now!

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