Sutton Locomotive Works - British Rail Class 24 - DCC Sound - Railway Modeller - July 2020


Published on Sunday 31 May 2020 by PECO

In the July 2020 issue of Railway Modeller we take a look at the latest batch of the much acclaimed British Rail Class 24’s from Sutton Locomotive Workshop.
These latest variants of this ground-breaking model feature a number of cosmetic upgrades, along with an enhanced digital sound project, boosting an extensive bank of functions and sounds.
In this video we run though just some of the many sound functions which are equipped on this project, during a short test run on Compton Quay, our dockside micro layout.

Full sound functions list;
0 Lighting On/Off
1 Sound On/Off
2 Proportional Brake (non-latching)
3 Single Horn (direction and speed related)
4 Dual Horn (direction and speed related)
5 Cold Start/Light Engine Mode/Tail Lamps
6 Coasting/Idle Key
7 Control Lever to ‘ON’
8 ON Buffering
8 OFF Coupling
9 Enable Speed Related Flange Squeal
10 ON Battery Isolating Switch Cabinet Opened
10 OFF Battery Isolating Switch Cabinet Closed
11 ON Cab Door Opened
11 OFF Cab Door Closed
12 ON Driver’s Checks (before start-up)
12 OFF Driver’s Checks (after start-up) Fire Bell
13 Combined Pump On
14 Handbrake Wheel
15 ON Steam Heat Boiler (Hissing Steam)
15 OFF Boiler Pressure Safety Valve (Blow Off)
16 Cab Vocals*
17 Guard’s whistle
18 Enable Automatic Wagon Buffering/Snatch
19 Detonators
20 Disable Automatic Cab Interior Lighting
21 Shunt Mode (Reduced speed, no inertia)
22 Speed Lock (Throttle control of engine sound)
23 Controller Handle to ¼ Power
24 Controller Handle to ½ Power
25 Controller Handle to ¾ Power
26 Controller Handle to Full Power
27 Volume Down
28 Volume Up

Read our full review of this ground breaking model, in the July 2020 Issue of Railway Modeller, on sale from 11th June.

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