Fitting Hornby TTS in a Dapol Class 08 - O Gauge - Railway Modeller - February 2021


Published on Monday 11 January 2021 by PECO

In the February 2021 Issue of Railway Modeller, we show you how to install Hornby TTS Sound with a speaker upgrade into a O Gauge Dapol Class 08.
This simple project is ideal starting point for those wishing to try their hand at fitting DCC sound for the first time or for anyone looking to add sound on a budget.

Here we see the 08 in action, demonstrating just some of the equipped sound functions.

Functions List;
F0 Headlight/rearlight
F1 Engine start/stop
F2 Whistle long
F3 Whistle 2 bursts
F4 Brake squeal
F5 Notch up
F6 Notch down
F7 Return to idle
F8 Thrash
F9 Cold start override
F10 Horn 3 bursts
F11 Horn 2 bursts
F12 Reverser
F13 Air release
F14 Air dump
F15 Detonator
F16 Couple
F17 Un-couple
F18 Primer
F19 Exhauster
F20 Compressor
F21 Handbrake
F22 Spirax valve
F23 Flange squeal
F24 Metal door
F25 Aux

Read our full installation guide in the February 2021 issue of Railway Modeller on Sale from January 14th.

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