Snow and Ice Diorama - Breaking the Ice

Kathy Millatt

Published on Thursday 7 November 2019 by Kathy Millatt

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It's time to add the broken ice to the diorama.  Because I'm modelling a canal, boats will travel along and break the ice along the canal. The area to the right won't generally be broken as the boats are up to 70' long and will travel in a more or less straight line from the bottom of the lock down to the next lock.

Sadly, I've never made it to this lock in ice... this diorama is as near as I may get.

Tools and Materials
The Amazon links are all items I have either bought or bought something similar for myself. Clicking on any links to Amazon will give me a small affiliate income which I use to produce more videos. Every little helps!

Paper and Scissors
Sheet Acetate
Hot glue and gun
White glue
AK Interactive Resin Ice
White acrylic paint
Protective Safety Glasses
Disposable Gloves
Kitchen Scales
Coffee Stirrer - you can get these in most coffee shops although I did get given 3000 by my Mum one Christmas...
Silicone Adhesive
Magic Water - I get mine from - not affiliated in anyway
Brown acrylic paint - Tamiya JGSDF brown (XF-72)
Acrylic Gloss Medium
Deluxe Materials Micro balloons
Hoover - I use good old Henry -
Respiratory mask
Masking Tape

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