Ice Cave Diorama with the Creality Ender-3 S1 Pro | Clone Wars

Published on Thursday 15 September 2022 by

I love the Clone Wars so I wanted to make a diorama to feature a fictional clone squad - it's an ice cave with a squad including Captain Rex staring up at a huge structure that they were sent to investigate.

The ice cave and structure were printed on a new Creality Ender-3 S1 Pro which they sent me. It has produced some stunning prints already and I look forward to printing more on it. Check out Creality here:

UK agent Acurro 3D:

Creality Official Link:

The structure is from DecoQuest Workshop's latest Kickstarter and Frontier. Late pledges are here if you are interested.

Plus the clones are from Dark Fire Designs:

I also used the following stalactites/stalagmites:
DND Stalagmites by justuspr on Thingiverse:
28mm Stalagmites by Curufin on Thingiverse:

You can see more details, recipes and materials including links on my website.

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00:00 Intro & The Design
01:35 The Prints
02:17 The Diorama
02:57 The Structure
03:56 The Ice Cave
08:35 The Clones
09:35 Mission Accomplished

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