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Published on Thursday 4 August 2022 by AccuraScale UK

Join Steve as he runs through our "Powering Britain" range of coal wagons from the Chaldrons to the HYAs!

Check out Paul's history on the Chaldrons here:

Find us a bauxite HUO from the following diagrams:

Diag 1/148 - Lot 3121 (1958) - B333500 to B333699
Diag 1/148 - Lot 3221 (1959) - B333700 to B334849
Diag 1/148 - Lot 3314 (1960) - B334850 to B335594
Diag 1/148 - Lot 3374 (1961) - B335695 to B336234
Diag 1/154 - Lot 3426 (1962) - B336385 to B336932
Diag 1/148 - Lot 3437 (1962) - B336933 to B337175

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