Rails RoS-218

Connect Decoder, 21 Pin Direct (8 Pin Harness) 6 Function Decoder

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***It's time to connect with the next generation of DCC Decoders.*** **View the full User Manual and CV Guide [HERE](https://www.dccconcepts.com/manual/rails-connect-decoders-full-user-manual/)** Featuring: * Fully self-adjusting back-EMF for consistent performance * Support for coreless motors with a single CV change * Brown-out protection for silky-smooth motor operation (like having a built-in stay-alive!) * Super-simple 'plug & play' installation in DCC ready locomotives * UK based customer service and technical support **Crafted for Rails by DCCconcepts** Decoder : **RoS-218** features: * 21-PIN Direct, 8-PIN Harness * 1.1 Amps Peak Power (750mA Continuous) * 6 Functions at 100mA Each * 22mm x 16mm * Advanced Brown-Out Protection Ideal for: * 21-PIN DCC-Ready OO/HO Locomotives * 8-PIN DCC-Ready OO/HO Locomotives * Hard-Wire Installation with 6 Functions Measurements: 21-PIN Length - 23mm Width - 11mm Thickness - 4mm Measurements: 8-PIN Harness Length - 90mm

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Limited edition model for
Rails of Sheffield

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