Hornby R7278

Building Pack No.1

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Bridges, Tunnels & Walls
Bring Your Model Railway to Life

This Building Pack includes 10 highly detailed buildings including houses, bungalows, shops and other structures and is the ideal way to start developing your new model railway layout and bring it to life.  With an individual selling price worth £299.95, this building pack offers a great value option for decorating your Hornby model railway.

There are currently three building packs to choose from including Building Pack 2 and Building Pack 3 - you can pick and choose any building pack you like to add to your layout as you wish, or collect all three to complete the set.

Building Pack No. 1 Contents

This model railway building accessory pack contains the following: -

R9804 Modern Detached House x1
R9807 Modern Bungalow x1
R9808 Timber Store x1
R9809 Garage Outbuilding x1
R9813 ExBarracks Room x1
R9826 Detached Brick Garage x1
R9829 Scott's Toy Emporium x1
R9830 A. C. Cobbler Shoe Repairs x1
R9831 The Wild Bunch Florist x1
R9835 Batchelor's Hardware x1


Individual pack contents worth £299.95

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