Hornby R4693

Pullman, All-steel 'K' Type Third Brake Parlour, Car No. 78 - Era 5

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Prototype Era
Era 5 (1957 to 1966) British Railways Late Crest

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Pullman Cream & Umber

Each car is fitted with subtly glowing table lamps and has extensive interior detail making for a set of truly stunning models.

The late 1920s saw a new age of railway coach building, with new building practices and manufacturing techniques replacing the traditional approach of British railway companies. At a time when virtually all the railway companies were running wooden framed rolling stock constructed using traditional techniques, the Pullman Company were pushing ahead with sophisticated construction methods.

The all-steel K-Type design appeared in 1928 and the coaches were precision built unit assemblies, quickly put together, with the interiors being fixed in place without the need for hand fitting, the very essence of what was to be later known as “the synthesis of art and industry”.

The 33 cars built by Metropolitan Cammell, whilst possessing the familiar slab sided profile and livery of their predecessors, were panelled in steel sheeting and featured larger picture windows, along with improved interior decoration. Armchairs were newly designed, being more generously proportioned and the excesses of the Art Deco period were reigned back, resulting in a more graceful elegance to the décor. The naming convention was also changed for the First Class cars, moving away from the classical inspired, to more English inspired female names.

Although a number of cars entered into service with the GWR, it was with the LNER’s Queen of Scots service that the majority of the cars entered into traffic, indeed, it was at Sir Ralph Wedgewood’s continued behest that Pullman entered into the new design. At the inaugural run of the Queen of Scots on July 9, 1928, two sets of eight cars were complete and ready for the paying public to admire.


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