Dapol 4F-010-010

JNA Falcon Network Rail NLU29042

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Prototype Eras
Era 10 (2005 to 2015) Rebuilding of the Railways
Era 11 (2016 to 2021) Current Era

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A large fleet of 555 JNA bogie ballast wagons was built by Astro Vagone (part of the Trinity group) in Romania and was principally designed to carry ballast and spoil. The design incorporated a large reinforced door in the centre bay to aid inspection, discharge and cleaning. The fleet came into service in 2004 and are now a common site nationally in their distinctive yellow engineer's livery of Network Rail. They commonly operate in rakes of five and have been given the nickname Falcon.

The Dapol model of the JNA Ballast Wagon features:

4F-010-004 show for ilustration purposes

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