Cavalex Models TEA PG TP (New Release)

102T TEA Bogie Tank Wagon (Grey) Triple Pack

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Prototype Era
Era 8 (1983 to 1994) British Rail Sectorisation

Manufacturer description

Produced by Cavalex

Built in the late 1980s by The Standard Wagon Company for Total Oil.

Built in two batches, numbered 85930 – 85944 and design code TE009D and 85960 – 85974 TE009F and fitted with Gloucester GPS 25 bogies.

Since their introduction into service in the late 1980s, these bogie tank wagons have seen use throughout the network from Wales in the west, the south coast right up to the north east of England.

Some examples:

Oil refinery at Immingham to storage terminals around the country including; Leeds, Kinsbury (Birmingham), Westerleigh (South Gloucestershire), Bedworth (Warwichshire), Colwick (near Nottingham) and Jarrow (South Tyneside).

Milford Haven/Robeston oil refinery – Westerleigh (South Gloucestershire), Theale (West Berkshire) and Bedworth (Between Coventry and Nuneaton)

Eastleigh area being used on the regular flows from Holybourne to Fawley until the flow ceased a few years ago.

VTG currently own the wagons are they are still in operation today being seen working out of the Lindsey oil refinery.

In addition, four TEA tank wagons have been converted to KBA barrier wagons for use with new S-Stock Underground transfers. The KBA wagons are numbers; 85937, 85933, 85936 and 85943.

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