Accurascale ACC3033

Class 60 60075 'Liathach' Mainline Grey Diesel Locomotive

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Prototype Era
Era 9 (1995 to 2004) Initial Privatisation

Manufacturer description

Expected Delivery Q1 2025 (Subject to change at Manufacturer's Discretion).

The Brush Class 60 was the last stand of the British designed and built diesel electric locomotive. From concept to delivery in little over 18 months the construction of this 100 strong class was nothing short of impressive.
Designed as a heavy freight locomotive rather than a mixed traffic type, they soon went to work on a variety of trains for the Coal, Petroleum, Aggregate and Metals sectors. All 100 locomotives passed through the shadow franchises before coming under the ownership of EWS in 1996. Reliable, efficient and powerful, they made a name for themselves hauling the heaviest of trains across the country.
Following a low point with many stored with high engine hours, there is a resurgence happening with the likes of DCR and GBRF who are utilising their fleets of class 60’s for what they were built for.
The Accurascale class 60 is the product of many years of careful research and constructed using data from 3D scans, surveys and original Brush drawings. We have been very lucky to be able to draw on the experience and knowledge from people who worked on the commissioning of Class 60 right through to those who overhaul them in the present day.
This access has allowed us to develop the most comprehensive suite of tooling to produce the ultimate class 60.
Our model has an impressive 825g of weight to allow the powerful 5-pole motor and all-wheel drive to haul the very heaviest of trains, just like the real thing. A complex lighting suite (including radiator room and control desk lighting) and Accurathrash speaker completes the package.

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DCC status
DCC 21
Interior lighting

Prototype information

Locomotive class*
Class 60

* Class names often change over the lifespan of a locomotive, so this is not necessarily the class name used by the operator in the period modelled.

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