Covid-19 Update

Following recent government announcements about the end of lockdown and the gradual lifting of coronavirus restrictions, it does now look as though model railway events may be able to restart this summer.

We do not, yet, have anything like a full events diary. But, over the next few days and weeks, we will begin to add events scheduled for later in 2021 and beyond once we have reasonable certainty that they will go ahead.

Please be aware, though, that there is still the possibility that the government's roadmap out of lockdown will change and that this will have an impact on any events that have been scheduled.

Before visiting any event, therefore, please make sure to check the event website to ensure that it is still going ahead. As always, if we are informed that an event has been cancelled, we will mark it as cancelled on the diary here. But we don't always get that information straight away, so you should always check the organiser's own website for up to date details.

Because of the need to ensure that there is a reliable, up to date source of information, we will not, in the short term, be adding events that do not have a current and well-maintained website or an active social media presence. Once lockdown is completely over and all restrictions have been lifted we will revert to our previous policy of listing events based on media and offline publicity (eg, event posters) where appropriate. But, for now, up to date, publicly accessible information on the web is essential to all listings. is a Good Stuff website.