Dapol 4F-050-004

O & K JHA (End Hopper) Foster Yeoman 19313 Late

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Prototype Era
Era 9 (1995 to 2004) Initial Privatisation

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The O & K JHA hoppers were built by Orenstein & Koppel to coincide with the introduction of the Class 59s in the UK for aggregate haulage by Foster Yeoman. They remain in service to date with Mendip Rail Ltd. A rake of these wagons consist of two outer waggons and a number of inner wagons. The notable feature is that the two outer wagons have screw link couplings and buffers on the outer most edge of the train, whilst the connection between inner wagons is a buckeye style coupling allowing closer coupling and hence an overall reduction in length of the train which was considered an important design aim. Dapol has produced the Foster Yeoman livery with 4 different outer wagons and 6 inner wagons

General Spec:

 Inner and outer versions of the hopper will be produced

               a. Inner wagons without buffers and buckeye couplings

               b. Outer wagons with Lamp, Sprung Buffers and Standard OO model coupling with NEM pocket at one end, other end without buffers and fitted with buckeye couplings.


· Diecast chassis

· Profiled wheels 

· Sprung Buffers on outer most wagon end

· Close coupling mechanism fitted to both types, capable of operating on minimum of 438mm radius

· Accessory pack to contain two versions of interconnecting pipes: a. Loose, unconnected, b. Flexible to connect between adjacent wagons

· Working rear lamp on outer most end of the train (DC directional, 6 pin DCC socket for control of flashing lamp)

· The models will be finished with high level of detail, which will include many separately added details

· Designed from works drawings


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DCC Ready. 6-pin socket
Foster Yeoman

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